RoadMap 2019-2021


Q2 2019

  • Concept Development iCod
  • Consultation with industry specialists

Q3 2019

  • Start of file system development SOTA
  • Run Bounty programs
  • Translation and adaptation of information resources into popular languages
  • Announcement of the concept iCod
  • Publication Whitepaper v.1
  • Launch a public marketing company
  • Run PreICO
  • Publications web-prototype.
  • Completion preICO
  • Start of Round I ICO
  • Expanded development team

Q4 2019

  • Testing SOTA
  • Creation and implementation of external SOTA contour.
  • Begin development State Channel Scorer
  • Expansion iCod infrastructure
  • Internal security audit.
  • Completion of the first I round of the ICO

Q1 2020

  • Testing SCS
  • Publish beta version of iCod progressive web application
  • Start II Round ICO
  • Run Blockchain Explorer

Q2 2020

  • Begin development Information Ledger Assistant
  • Distribution of I part tokens to participants Bounty
  • Preparing the host distribution package
  • Launch of beta version of test network iCod Blockchain
  • The first voting on the test network for delegates recording information in an external SOTA circuit.
  • Completion II Round ICO

Q3 2020

  • Publication of public documentation iCod for developers
  • Opening source code SOTA for public audit of the system
  • Integration with public Blockchain repository.
  • Fixing the intermediate results of the work of the iCod network in Bitcoin Blockchain
  • Beginning the development of Android applications
  • Start III Round ICO

Q4 2020

  • Testing Information Ledger Assistant
  • Start anchoring transactions with Ethereum Blockchain
  • Issuing II parts of tokens to participants Bounty
  • Distribution of public delegates, repeated voting of network members
  • Completion of public Beta network testing.
  • Public security audit of all components of the iCod system
  • Completion Round III ICO
  • Start developing IOS applications.

Q1 2021

  • Start of implementation of external identification nodes iCod
  • Launch Alpha Network Testing iCod
  • Transfer iCod tokens I stream users Alpha network version iCod
  • Public release of documentation and SDK for developers iCod v.1.0
  • Launch IV round of ICO
  • Release Android applications.

Q2 2021

  • Publish SDK-Documentation for developers Information Ledger Assistant
  • Transfer iCod tokens II stream of users to Alpha network version iCod
  • Implementation of the transaction mixer. To maintain the security of individual users.
  • Start developing Dekstop Mac and Windows
  • Launch of internal corporate segment iCod for partners.

Q4 2021

  • Organization Grant based on iCod Development
  • Launch of a company to attract partners to the network iCod
  • Public release of documentation iCod v.1
  • Public AirDrop tokens iCod
  • Launch public network iCod
  • Expansion of infrastructure
  • Work with partner associations based on the corporate network.